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Did You Slip On Someone Else’s Property?

Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, the negligence of a property owner who did not provide safe conditions on their premises results in a serious slip-and-fall. No one should have to suffer because someone else failed to uphold their obligations as a property owner.

Whether you slipped and fell at a restaurant, retail store or neighbor’s house, Mitch Rice can help you seek compensation for your damages. As the founding attorney of Mitch Rice Injury Law, he has nearly 20 years of experience representing people throughout the Hutchinson metro area of Kansas. He has devoted his career to giving personal attention to every client who walks through his office door.

Do I Have A Case?

Not every incident of slipping and falling results in an actionable injury claim. To have a case for compensation, at least one of the following factors must exist:

  • The property owner caused the condition that led to your accident.
  • The property owner was aware of the condition but did not take action to fix it.
  • The property owner should have known about the condition because it existed for so long.

If you can demonstrate that at least one of the aforementioned circumstances existed, then you have a case on your hands. You can sit down with Mitch or talk to him over the phone to hear from an attorney whether you should proceed with a claim. He works with clients one-on-one, so you can expect to speak with him and not a paralegal or associate.

Ask For A Free Consultation About Slip-And-Falls

You can have the assistance of a skilled attorney who will give you individualized counsel. Mitch Rice has the experience to help you after a slip-and-fall accident. He offers free initial consultations, so contact him at 833-745-1292 or send him an email to get yours today.