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FAQs about workers’ compensation in Kansas

Workplace injuries are common and depending on the nature of your job, you may unexpectedly sustain injuries at work in an accident. If this happens, you will need to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

The workers’ compensation system provides benefits to injured workers to help them recover, and these can include medical treatment, wage benefits and disability payments. But it is important to understand how this system works before you proceed with a claim.

What should you do after a workplace accident?

Immediately following the workplace accident, seek medical help for your injuries. After you receive the necessary medical treatment, let your employer know about the accident as soon as possible.

What type of medical treatment can injured workers receive?

The Kansas Department of Labor states that injured workers are eligible to receive medical treatment to help them recover from the injuries they incurred at work. This treatment can include prescription medications, surgery or physical therapy.

Can you receive medical treatment from an unauthorized provider?

If you would like to see a different provider than the one authorized under your employer’s workers’ compensation plan, you can do so without application or approval. However, this unauthorized medical allowance has a limit of $500 for compensable claims.

Following the correct process for filing a workers’ compensation claim can help you protect your rights to these benefits. Report your injury to your employer right as soon as possible after the accident and seek medical care to enhance the likelihood of an accepted workers’ compensation claim.