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How can a fall from scaffolding happen?

Dealing with the mental and physical fallout after an injury on a scaffold can leave you feeling tired. By learning more about the reasons why it happened, you can better understand how dangerous scaffolds are.

You may encounter various problems on scaffolding and falling is just one of them.

Unsafe platforms

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, scaffolding platforms that are not properly built or inspected by someone who is a competent person can fall apart without warning. Since a weak or incorrectly made scaffold may be hard to spot, those in charge have to check the materials to make sure they are not old or weakened. They should also make sure the braces and supports are in place.

Rough coworkers

Coworkers who try to push past you or shove you as they walk near you may cause a fall. These same coworkers could act in other unsafe ways or fail to verbally warn you if they are rushing to finish their tasks. Workers who are dismantlers and erectors need to know the common hazards that face them so that they do not harm you or another person.

Loose items

As you walk along a platform, you may trip or find yourself stumbling due to a tool left out in the walkway. Workers who do not properly put away their items can create a dangerous hazard for anyone trying to move along the narrow platforms on a scaffold.

When you are suffering from injuries after a fall from a scaffold, knowing what went wrong during the workday may help you in the future.