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Understanding different types of distracted driving

When most people think about distracted driving, cell phone use is one of the first things that comes to mind. While it is true that looking at your phone distracts you from the road, it is far from the only form of distracted driving.

Understanding the different types of common distractions helps you become a safer and more aware driver.

3 types of distracted driving

Activities that take your attention away from the road fit into the following categories:

  • Visual distractions that involve you looking away from the road
  • Cognitive distractions that take your focus away from the task of driving
  • Manual distractions that involve you taking one or both hands off the wheel

Essentially any kind of multitasking while driving is a distraction. Examples include eating, adjusting music, talking on the phone, conversing with passengers and handling items in the car.

Avoiding distractions while you drive

Distracted driving results in thousands of crashes in Kansas each year. Keeping yourself and others safe means focusing your full attention on the road. Plan ahead before you leave so that you do not need to answer texts or calls. Finish activities such as eating and doing makeup before leaving, and make sure you are well-rested and able to pay attention to the road.

Unfortunately, you can not control what other drivers do. However, by doing your part to drive safely, you reduce your chances of being liable for an accident. Remember that distractions are more than cell phone use. Additionally, help friends and family drive safely by not distracting them when you are a passenger.