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FAQs about wrongful death claims

Did one of your loved ones pass away due to the fault of another party? If the person responsible was negligent in providing safety warnings or completing duties, you may have the makings of a strong wrongful death lawsuit.

Learn more about wrongful death claims to understand if you have a case.

What factors determine if a death was wrongful?

Wrongful death implies that your loved one died as a direct result of someone else’s negligence. For example, if a family member died using faulty equipment, including a motor vehicle, there should be someone that checks the equipment for safety. You may be able to hold that person or their company responsible for the loss of their loved one. Similarly, a government agency may be responsible for a death that results from a failure to fix dangerous roads or walkways.

Who may sue someone else for wrongful death?

Typically, you can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against another person or entity if you are a close family member of the deceased including the parents of an unborn child. You should bring this type of case within a period of two years.

What can survivors recover from a wrongful death lawsuit?

If you file a suit, you could receive monetary compensation including funds to assist with any outstanding medical bills and funeral expenses for the deceased. Compensation for these cases typically focuses on the tangible loss of wages or service.

If you feel that the responsible party owes your family compensation for a loved one’s untimely passing, start your case by pinpointing the negligent party and documenting all evidence related to the case. Your records may be essential to proving your claim in court.