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How do dangerous falls happen in construction workplaces?

As you continue working on a construction site, you may see some areas or actions that seem unsafe.

One of the most common injuries people endure in this job is slipping and falling on items or falling from weak structures. Learning about the ways that these injuries happen can help you if you are struggling after a fall.

Miscommunication and confusion

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the noise and constant movement of other workers around you can potentially cause people to make mistakes that lead to dangerous situations.

Being able to hear instructions or important warnings can mean the difference between a serious injury or safety when it comes to construction zones. If a person near you cannot hear or does not take notice, you may struggle to get their attention in time to prevent them from harming you.

Height and distance

As you work on a scaffold or another high platform, you are more at risk for serious head or spine injuries if you fall from several feet above the ground. Having more distance between your body and a beam or the hard ground can increase the intensity of the injuries you receive.

Lack of care while constructing platforms

A fall that happens when a weak plank or unfinished platform breaks is another common problem. Poor attention to detail or workers rushing to finish a scaffold can leave the platform unable to hold a person’s full weight.

No matter what injuries you have, noticing neglect and danger while on a construction site is important when a fall happens.