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How to avoid a slip and fall personal injury case

Falls are one of the most well-known causes of injury among people of all ages, especially older adults. If you own a business, you might consider how to prevent someone from falling while on your property. Clients who injure themselves on your company’s property may be entitled to compensation. The process to receive compensation is costly to both the employer and the employee.

Here are some ways to help prevent a personal injury case due to slips and falls in Kansas.

Display signs

One of the most obvious and affordable suggestions is to display signs if there is any possibility of ice, moisture, or hazards on the ground. It is generally advised to place the sign directly where the hazard is, rather than before a pedestrian will encounter the risk. People often ignore safety signs, so keep this in mind as you place warnings on your property.

Encourage cleaning

Sometimes people fail to clean liquids and other materials from the floor because they figure they will dry out quickly. However, it is important to clean slips and falls regardless of the amount that spills. Even if it is not in someone’s job description, cleaning up after coworkers is a way to help the company avoid legal implications.

Consider flooring

While it is not always realistic to replace the flooring in your company, it is something to consider while building a new office. Some floors are more slippery than others and can cause more injuries.

if you are an employer, reducing safety risks for employees helps to ensure that you have a happy and productive team.