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Top 5 most common types of American workplace injuries

There has been a big change in workers’ compensation statistics over the past two years. Before early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, exposure to disease and toxic substances on the job was the sixth-most common cause of a nonfatal work-related injury or illness, according to Insurance Business America. Today, it is the number one reason people in Hutchinson and other American workers miss days of work.

Here are the five most common types of nonfatal job-related injuries by percentage:

  • Exposure (36.1%). As we said above, exposure to COVID is the major driver here. Besides healthcare workers and service industry employees being exposed to patients and customers with COVID, working in the presence of toxic chemicals, radiation, loud noise, electricity, polluted air and more can lead to serious injury and illness.
  • Bodily strain (21.7%). Lifting, pushing, carrying or throwing heavy objects can cause injury, either in a single incident or slowly over time. So can easier but repetitive tasks like typing or bending over.
  • Slips, trips and falls (18%). Falls on uneven, wet, icy or slippery work floors can lead to muscle and ligament strains, sprains and tears. The most severe fall injuries include head and spinal trauma.
  • Equipment and tool injuries (16.7%). Working around powerful machinery, heavy vehicles and power tools can lead to serious injury in an accident.
  • Transportation incidents (3.5%). Many jobs involve spending some or virtually of your time on the road, where you often encounter reckless or dangerous motorists. Workers can also get hit walking across the street.

However you got injured at work, you could be entitled to substantial workers’ compensation benefits while you recover.